Anatomy of a Facebook Ad for A Clinical Trial

If you are wondering where are the rest of the patients to complete your clinical trial, the answer is simple: the patients for your clinical trial are online and on Facebook.

So, the key question is: Is your clinical trial online and on Facebook? If the answer is no, then our team at Seeker Health would love to help you design and set up an effective, IRB-approved campaign to reach and enroll interested patients.

What will your patients see on Facebook? Here is a sample ad and a description of the components to consider in design. 


1.    Facebook Page – Newsfeed desktop and mobile ads originate from a Facebook Page. There are a number of important considerations on how to set up this Facebook page including access control and content distribution.

2.    Ad Text: The headline, text and newsfeed link description must be approved by IRB prior to the launch of the campaign. The text should be educational in nature and not promote the efficacy or safety of the investigational drug.

3.    Ad Image: The image should be attractive and related to the disease area for the study. At Seeker Health, we test multiple images before settling down on the ones with best conversion.

4.    Ad Link and Call to Action: The ad will link interested patients to a website that we design as a pre-screener.

5.    Social Actions: Newsfeed ads come with the ability to like, share or comments. IRBs consider liking or sharing low risk activities by users. Comments, on the other hand, open the risk for patients sharing unproven, misleading or inaccurate information. Seeker Health offers a proprietary tool that suppresses these comments to mitigate this risk – IRBs love this!

At Seeker Health, we’d love to hear from you about your clinical studies and help you design online lead generators to pre-screen patients and a Facebook campaign to invite target patients to learn about your study.

Patients are online...let us help you get your clinical trial where they can see it and pre-screen for it.

Our full service offering includes:

-       Clinical trial websites with lead generators and lead tracking

-       Clinical trial brand identity

-       Disease websites with lead generators

-       Disease Facebook Pages

-       Facebook Advertising (images & video)

-       Instagram Advertising

-       Pinterest Advertising

-       Market research with patients and physicians

-       KOL mapping and insights

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