The Digital Patient Finding Platform to Accelerate Drug Development

I’d like to share with you the most important thing that I’ve learned in my 18 years in the biopharma industry. Here it is:


Truly nothing. The biopharmaceutical companies for which I worked before founding Seeker Health, had great products, great physicians, great protocols, great employees, great facilities. But until the patients actually showed up, whether to participate in a clinical trial, or try the approved drug, nothing much got done. 

At Seeker Health, we know, deep in our bones, that NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT PATIENTS, and this is why we’ve built an end-to-end DIGITAL PATIENT FINDING PLATFORM.  


  • A digital campaign to find the patients and caregivers where they are - online. Data shows that patients and caregivers turn to online and social media channels first to find information and support about their conditions.  And we’ll be there, to intersect them with useful and actionable information.
  • An online pre-screening tool, to ensure that those we bring into our platform are the types of patients that you would need. We’re a mobile-first company and anything we ask a patient to do. must be able to be accomplished on a mobile phone in less than 2 minutes.
  • The Seeker PortalTM, our GDPR-compliant, patent-pending, proprietary patient lead management software, which immediately evaluates and assigns patients and communicates with the patient and clinical trial sites.  We meticulously developed and improved the Seeker Portal over the last two years to meet the needs of biopharma, clinical trial sites, and patients.

And we seek and find PATIENTS for:

  • Patient Databases – Here, picture a disease awareness website with an opportunity for patients and caregivers to register and begin a relationship with that drug developer. We work with biopharma to create secure, compliant patient databases, which become critical assets to enable drug development.
  • Market Research – Insights from patients and caregivers are crucial during the development and commercialization process. We work with biopharma and market research firms to find patients to participate in such research. Here we excel on speed and performance  -  actually finding patients with serious conditions, in a compressed period of time.
  • Clinical Trials – Eighty percent of clinical trials do not meet enrollment timelines due to obstacles finding patients. Since 2015, we’ve been of service to over 40 clinical trials in serious conditions, like cancer, neurodegenerative and rare diseases

At Seeker Health, we seek and we find. We’re devoted to helping you find the patients who will enable your drug development and commercialization efforts. We know that once we find these patients, A LOT will happen: much-needed drugs will be developed, and they will reach those that need them as soon as possible. What an immense impact we can make together!



Sandra Shpilberg is the Founder and CEO of Seeker Health. She founded Seeker Health to harness the power of technology to connect patients to clinical trials, market research and other impactful strategies and help the biopharmaceutical industry accelerate drug development and innovation. In 2018, MM&M Magazine named her at Top 40 Healthcare Transformer. You can find more information on Seeker Health here: