Top Four Social Media Platforms That Can Revolutionize Your Clinical Trial Enrollment

Social media usage shows no signs of slowing down. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter boast a collective three billion monthly active users worldwide. Then, there are other social networks, like Snapchat, which have growing user bases. Each platform offers advertising options, which when used in a compliant way, can boost patient enrollment for clinical trials.

But which platform is the most effective?

Here are Seeker Health’s top four social platforms that biopharmaceutical companies should consider to optimize clinical trial awareness and enrollment.


With more than two billion monthly active users, Facebook is the world's biggest social media platform. It's a great place to promote your clinical trials as there are multiple ad services, including videos and pictures. Here at Seeker Health, we can help you select the right demographics on Facebook based on prospective patients' behaviors and interests and prepare IRB/EC approval packages. We can also suppress user comments on ads so you mitigate risks of misinformation and stay compliant. Finally, we can tap into the artificial intelligence features to optimize our targeting and find just the type of user that may qualify for your clinical trial.


Instagram has 700 million active monthly users and shares targeting capabilities with Facebook. You can advertise your clinical trials on this platform using pictures with text. Six in 10 adults aged between 18 and 28 use Instagram, so you can advertise clinical trials for episodic conditions like acne or chronic ones like rare genetic disorders. Targeting demographics on Instagram is refined and efficient and as the network continues to grow in users, it provides a cost-effective method for advertising clinical trials.


With 328 million users, Twitter is a popular social network for businesses in all niches. Using #hashtags and shortened links, Twitter is an effective way to communicate with patients, post corporate updates and increase the visibility of your drug development efforts.   


Snapchat only launched in 2011, but this social network has already garnered a loyal customer base. In fact, 166 million people use this platform every day. On Snapchat, you can create Stories for advertising purposes to increase patient engagement and enrollment. While the platform skews young, it’s beginning to age out – a phenomenon seen in all the other social networks.

These social media networks provide advertising options that can direct targeted users to a clinical trial website with a powerful pre-screener, like the ones we build at Seeker Health.

Want to boost patient enrollment leveraging compliant social network marketing?

Seeker Health can help you design and deploy an effective patient lead management system to accelerate clinical trial enrollment. Click here to find out more.