Clinical Trial Recruitment for Prostate Cancer

A large, global pharmaceutical company enrolling a Phase 3 clinical trial in non-metastatic prostate cancer engaged Seeker Health to create an engaging social media campaign to accelerate participant identification and clinical trial enrollment. 


the challenge

Our challenge: 

  1. Educate men with prostate cancer about the availability of this clinical trial and the opportunity to pre-screen for participation

  2. Accelerate clinical trial enrollment

The approach

Seeker Health developed a compliant Facebook campaign, focused on a subset of the Facebook user population which had previously taken actions that denoted an interest in prostate cancer. 

To optimize the campaign outcomes, A/B testing of images, text and targeting were implemented.

Seeker Health deployed its tool for complete comment suppression on Facebook Newsfeed Ads to mitigate risk of user-generated misinformation. 

The results

Four-month pilot program engaged:

  • 4,100 men via Facebook advertising to learn about this clinical trial

  • 952 men who began the online prescreen and qualified for follow up by clinical trial sites

  • 318 men who qualified and were contacted by clinical trial sites for screening and randomization.

  • Given positive results of pilot, the sponsor extended this program  to support the clinical trial until completion



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