Clinical Trial Recruitment for Neurodegenerative Disease

A biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing innovative therapies for people with debilitating diseases engaged Seeker Health to accelerate patient engagement for a clinical trial of an investigational medicine for a neurodegenerative disease. 


the challenge

1.     Accelerate clinical trial enrollment

2.     Provide potential participants a patient-friendly and direct way to learn about this clinical trial and sign up to participate

3.     Create a secure environment to share data with clinical trial staff to facilitate screening and enrollment into the clinical trial 


The approach

Seeker Health designed and implemented a compliant patient lead generation program centered around a targeted Facebook advertising campaign. To mitigate risk of user-generated misinformation, we deployed our tool for complete comment suppression.

Patients were directed to a clinical trial website that we designed and included a voluntary online pre-screener. All materials were available in English, French and Spanish and received IRB/EC approval prior to being used.

Authorized clinical trial personnel securely accessed data for patient screening and enrollment via our proprietary Seeker Portal.

The results

  • Seeker Health’s approach and process engaged a significant pool of potential participants who were pre-screened and then further screener

  • In five months, Seeker Health contributed 17 RANDOMIZED PATIENTS.



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