Digital Patient Lead Generation

We harness the power of technology and social media to find patients with serious diseases, and help accelerate drug development. We are driven by the mission to improve patient health outcomes around the globe by connecting patients to treatments in development. The Seeker Portal (patent pending) is our secure platform for clinical trial patient lead management and part of our major advantage in managing patients to enrollment. 

Key Applications: 


Clinical Trials


For clinical trials enrolling now, we build customized patient lead generators and social campaigns. We can help:

* Educate about your trial

* Pre-screen participants

* Track participants status toward enrollment/randomization


Patient Registry for Rare Diseases


If your clinical trial isn't yet ready to start enrolling, we can help you make the most of that time by establishing a patient registry. We design collaborations with Patient Advocacy Groups. Our patient registries help: 

* Educate participants about their condition

* Inform about your clinical trial once ready

* Decide where to activate clinical trial sites

Market Insights


Market insights are key in the development of treatments for serious diseases. We help

* Recruit patients for market research

* Conduct online, phone or in-person patient or physician market research

Visit our Market Research Portal

Approved Treatments


We use our proprietary social media technology platform to find patients to: 

* Educate about their condition

* Educate about your medicine

* Invite to patient events or sales consultations

* Create database for e-marketing

Our Clients

We partner with biopharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations and clinical study sites to accelerate studies for serious diseases.

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